Howie Xu is an Executive In Residence at Greylock Partners.  Prior, he worked at Cisco, where he was responsible for the entire Cloud and Networking Services Group engineering team. Before joining Cisco, Howie was VP of Engineer at Big Switch Networks where he built up his engineering team and products from the ground up. Howie is a veteran in the cloud and virtualization industry. During his decade long tenure at VMware, he helped to scale the company that just started the server virtualization journey on ESX with 10+ developers to a virtualization giant with $4B in revenue and 10,000+ employees. He and his team pioneered network virtualization technology, which led to the creation of new markets including Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Prior to VMware, he worked at a variety of start-ups including NFR Security. Howie is a Stanford GSB alumnus, holds MSCS from Portland State University, and a BSCS from Shanghai University.


Ian Wright, Founder & CEO, Wrightspeed. Over the course of the last two decades, Ian Wright has emerged as one of the leading minds of the electric transportation era. After co-founding Tesla Motors in 2003 and then breaking away to build the fastest street legal electric car in the world– the X1, Ian Wright proved that electric vehicles could deliver high-performance without compromising intrinsic efficiency. After creating the X1, a concept car based on a modified Ariel Atom, he went onto to pursue a larger vision—solving EV economics. The breakthrough came when Wright asked: how can we save the most fuel, per vehicle, per year to make a compelling payback? Using turbines and applying electric vehicle principles to urban, heavy-duty trucks, The Route™ powertrain was born. Wrightspeed’s range-extended electric vehicle architecture stands as a true economic and technology innovation for transportation and the company has been accelerating more efficient commercial fleets ever since. With each component of every Wrightspeed powertrain engineered from the ground up, Ian and his team continue to manufacture powertrains to meet commercial fleet customers’ ever-evolving efficiency and performance needs.


Toni Moyes is the COO of 8i, a company on a mission to make virtual reality human.  Their proprietary technology empowers creators to bring real people into volumetric virtual experiences. 8i transform HD video from multiple cameras into a fully volumetric recording of a human that viewers can walk around in virtual reality and augmented reality, or interact with on the web. With volumetric VR, creators can push the boundaries of storytelling and explore an entirely new medium for human communication.


Steven Newman, CEO / Director, EROAD. Steven brings a wealth of experience to EROAD after a long and successful association with Navman, since cofounding the company. In his roles as COO and CEO, Steven helped establish Navman as a leading international brand within the marine electronics and consumer car navigation sectors, with annual sales in excess of NZ$400 million. Steven has been CEO since 2007 and an EROAD Board member since 2007.


Colin Groves has spent the past 23 years primarily as Director of Mergers and Acquisitions at Tetra Laval, the world’s largest private company and maker of the renowned Tetra Pak packaging solutions and DeLaval milk processing machinery. He has also held roles at Informix Software, and US healthcare multinational Johnson & Johnson. A chartered accountant and former English colts rugby international, Mr Groves is currently Chairman of mobile app development company MEA Mobile, New Zealand’s largest refiner and blender of high quality Omega-2 and Omega-3 fish oils SeaDragon, and the Agri Group of Companies, which includes dairy consumables business, Deosan. He sits on the Waikato Rugby Board and is an independent director of VetSouth.


Aidan Kenealy is the founder of (Entertainment Media Gaming Network). Launched January 2014, quickly became one of the fastest growing websites in history, attracting over 30 million unique users per day. The site operates in a very disruptive, maturing market place and has successfully navigated many challenges to become one of the worlds leading entertainment websites.


John Diddams is the principal of JFDCPA Advisors. John has managed the process to raise capital and seek ASX listing for a number of enterprises over the past 25 years.  Most recently John managed the IPO and ASX listing process for Australia’s first indoor skydiving wind tunnel (ASX: IDZ), Martin Aircraft Company Limited (ASX: MJP), Martin Jetpack, Skydive The Beach Group Limited (ASX: SKB), and Volpara Health Technologies Limited (ASX: VHT).  He is a non-executive Director of Skydive The Beach Group Limited, and Volpara Health Technologies Limited and Deputy Chair of House with No Steps ( an NFP organisation that supports 3,000 people to make the most of their abilities.  John has a B.Com from UNSW, is a Fellow of CPA Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Mark Estall is the CEO and co-founder of 9 Spokes.  9 Spokes brings together the
best cloud business tools to let you know more and do more.  The company has just launched a roadshow for A$25M IPO on the ASX.

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